Postulancy is a preliminary period of formation, which has its purpose not merely to formulate a tentative judgment on the aptitudes and vocation of the candidates for our religious and apostolic life, but also to complete their knowledge of Christen doctrine necessary for deepening their life of faith.

– The Postulants should be taught the following

(a) The detail study of our Congregation

(b) Sacraments

(c) Faith and revelation

(d) Prayer and its methods

(e) Vocation

(f) Introduction to the Holy Bible

(g) Good Manners

(h) Language

(i) Co-Curriculum Activates

Postulancy lasts one year; it may be lengthened by another six months, or even more, but never beyond two years. Since postulancy intends to make sure of human and emotional maturity, postulants should be given a chance to manifest their aptitudes and their fitness for and love for their vocation. If their knowledge of Christian doctrine is insufficient, they are helped to make up for this deficiency. They are also helped to acquire the religious spirit and to make the transition from lay life to the life of the novitiate.