Novitiate is the most important stage of formation for religious life the novices start to live a life proper to the institute. They recognize better, the divine vocation. They experience the manner of living of the institute. They are formed in mind and heart by its spirit and their intention, motivation and Suitability is tested. Novices are led to develop human and Christian virtues, through prayer and self-denial

The first year and Second year Novices should be taught the followings

+ Faith formation
+ Scripture
+ Personal Growth
+ Culture
+ English Language
+ Exposure
+ Extra Curriculum
+ Prayer
+ Catechism
+ Consecrated life
+ Sex Education

The training of novices consists mainly in initiating them gradually into detachment from everything not connected with the kingdom of God, the practice of obedience, poverty, prayer, habitual union with God in availability to the Holy Spirit, in order to help one another in frank and open charity. Novices gradually train to unite contemplation and apostolic activity through a proper understanding, of the supernatural life, and of the unity of our supernatural love for God and for people. The experimental periods outside the Novitiate, besides gradual preparation for apostolic, a better knowledge of human nature, the strengthening of the will, the development of personal responsibility. They can provide occasion for effort at union with God in the context of an active life.

It will also include study and meditation on Holy Scripture, the doctrine and spiritual formation indispensable for the development of a supernatural life of union with God and an understanding of the religious state, and initiation to liturgical life and the spirituality proper to the Institute.

The Novitiate lasts two years. Twelve months of these they spent in the novitiate house, six of these months continuously. Preferably the novices are sent out in groups of two or more. They remain during this time also under the responsibility of the Novicemistress.