The Religious Congregation “The Daughter of St. Anne” had its origin in the sacred soil of Chotanagpur. It was erected at Ranchi on July 26th 1897 by Archbishop Paul Goethals in answer to the situation and needs of the contemporary local church.

Mata Bernadatte is a foundress and Cecilia, daughters of Puran Prasad, Mary, daughter of Prabhu Prasad and Veronica, daughter of widow Mokta, were the co-founders of the Congregation. The ideal of these four beloved of the Lord was plain simplicity. This is clear from their own words. “We are agreed on adopting our own country’s dress and way of life for the simple reason that our country’s condition is very poor. If later difficulties arise for us, or if religious persecution breaks out in this country, as it happens in other countries, then we shall be able, according to changing conditions, to remain in the midst of our own people and relations.” It is because of God’s great grace and these founders’ heroic renunciation and sacrifice that this religious Congregation, in spite of several ups and downs, today, bears solid witness to Christ. Our Founders’ ideal was plain simplicity, selfless service and prayerful life. This today remains the true image of the Daughters of St. Anne.

Our way of life is completely simple and plain, so simple that we can easily live and deal with any and every one. Sharing in the people’s joys and sorrows, good and bad fortunes, pains and trials, we propose to them Christ.

We attach special importance not only to personal life but also to community life and as a result of working together with one mind and heart their reigns in our midst love, joy and peace. The more united we remain, the more Christ’s presence dwells amongst us.

In the Religious Congregation of St. Anne we have been especially called to announce the Good News to the humble, to heal the sick and serve the poor and down trodden, and to work for the education of children and women, and to help other people also on their way to heaven. For the fulfillment of this goal God has endowed us with special gifts. How beautiful is this plan of God! We have some special characteristic features of our own i.e. we are mainly Adivasis, we are poor, obedient, dutiful, sociable, honest, ready for manual labour, and we co-operate closely with the Parish Clergy.