The fundamental purpose in founding this Congregation was to spread the Gospel, in which our Foundress’ ideal is summed up. Inspired by this ideal, our Sisters dedicate themselves with great zeal and enthusiasm to the work of evangelization and catechesis. Evangelization is our spiritual apostolate.

In its initial stages, the infant church of Chotanagpur was in need of zealous and enthusiastic missionaries to serve its people, particularly the poor and weaker sections of the society and the church. The Congregation was founded for this very purpose to be at the service of the growing church in close cooperation with the parish clergy. Following the Gospel tradition, our Sisters move from village to village and spread the Good News among the simple people. Notwithstanding various difficulties and hardships, they carry out their mission in loving response and joyful fidelity to God’s call, always burning with ardent love for Jesus Christ.

  • They are working for the Kingdom of God. (Through word of God)
  • The education, not only for the Christian children, but also of non-Christian children, is not only service of the greatest value to people, especially youth, but also a missionary witnessing of Christian charity.
  • Sisters are visiting the homes of Catholics and non -Catholics alike, with especial attention and care for the children, help in relief work, adult non-formal education etc.
  • To conduct the retreat for the villagers
  • Bible quiche for the youth and children
  • To teach the Song, Catechism, roll play, Holy Sacraments, Moral class Religion etc.
  • Sisters are arranging the recollection for the Youth, children and villagers.
  • Sisters are taking care of Crusvir (flowers of the Christ), CLC (Christine Leader Community), Mahila sangh (Group of Christine Women), Catholic Sabha (Group of Christine Women).
    House Visit
    Sisters visit the houses. Through this, they enter in the life of the people. And they work for the benefit of their spiritual life. They direct them spiritually.

Retreat in the village
Sisters arrange retreat for the villagers in the villages. According to the time of the villagers, they conduct the retreat. Sisters try to increase the faith through prayers, song, and word of God etc.

In the villages, sisters counsel with the families as well as broken families. We try to reunion them. We try to bring in the mainstream to them.

Catechism classes are conducted in the schools. On Sunday also after the Holy Mass, classes are given to the children.

Old age house
For us it is also the great opportunity to lead the prayer to the aged people, those who are in the old age house. Sisters conduct prayers for them and they make peaceful atmosphere to accept their situation.

Church Services
In the church sisters lead the choir. And distribute the holy communion to the faithful.

Burial Mass (Prayer)
Before the burial sisters give the service, they lead the prayers and consoles the family members. Also during the mass, they give service.

First of all sisters prepare the children for the sacrament of confession.

Holy Communion
We prepare the children for the first communion. Before receiving the Jesus in the form of bread and wine, they should know about Jesus. We teach them and prepare them. Also we prepare them for the Christian devotion.

In the life journey stage by stage to turn towards the Lord, to strengthen in the faith and to devote the life, In the Church there are various groups, where faithful come together and search God. Crusvir is the first stage, where children come together and make themselves worthy to follow Christ.

Here the teenagers / youth come together and follow Christ. They work as a leader. Our Sisters direct them and show them the right and favourable path to walk on the footprints of Jesus.

Mahila Sang
This is the Christian women group. In any activities of the church, they come ahead and lead the group. Sisters are involved in this also.

Different Rally
Our sister prepare the children, youth and the women for the rally. Time to time various rally are conduct by the church. Our sisters prepare them spiritually, physically and mentally to participate in the programme.