Covid 19 relief work

Daughters of St Anne are doing relief work in various ways.

  1. Distributing rashon in Khejri Constituency Numkum block, Loadih
  2. Shelter Home in two places –
    A) St. Anne’s Girls’ H. School Mandar
    B) Anita Girls’ H. School Kanke
  3. Distributing dry food to the travellers who re coming from different state by bus, truck, lorry and trallers. Dry food such as beaten rice, puff rice, biscuits, jagri, juice, gram and water. Our collaborators. These kids went door to door and collected for the relief work and handed over to the Superior General Mother Linda Mary Vaughan. These kids were motivated by Dr. Stephen Hansda. We are very grateful to our children who realised and understood plight of people. We also extend our gratitude towards Dr. Hansda who motivated these children to do charity work. May God bless all the children in abundance.झारखंड-में-संत-अन्ना-धर्म/झारखंड-में-संत-अन्ना-धर्म-2/