Candidacy is the first stage of the formation of Daughters of St. Anne.

– During these periods, the girls wanting to become the Daughters of the St. Anne come to know what our way of life is. This period may be spent in a candidate house or attached to one of our house or in such a place from where contact with our house of the Congregation can easily be maintained.

– The candidates should be taught the following 1st General knowledge of our Congregation a

(a) History of our Congregation

(b) Charism

(c) About our founders

(d) Our way of Life

During this period the reality of the candidate�s vocation is ascertained. This is a time for gradual spiritual and psychological adaptation to a new way of life. The candidates gets a general knowledge of the Congregation, f.i. its foundresses, history and way of life. In this period they are given English language classes to improve their English.