Lamp Lighting Ceremony

“Let your light shine before the people.” Mt. 5:14

St. Anne’s School of Nursing Ulhatu celebrated Lamp Lighting Ceremony and Capping Day of ANM&GNM first year students on 19 January 2019. It was memorable day for the students and the Congregation at large. On this occasion Holy Mass was solemnizedbyRev. Fr. Maximus Toppo, Dean and Rector of Minor Basilica Ulhatu. The theme of the day was Called toLoveand Serve.”The students of Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) & General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) entered chapel in procession by singing. Thereafter, Indian lamp was lit by Rev. Fr. Maximus Toppo, Sr. Jacinta Kerketta, Principal, Sr. Rosa Toppo,Vice Principal, faculty members and Rev. Sr. Subhashi DSAformer Superior General of the Congregation. Fr. Maximusdeliveredhomily and pointed out the responsibilities of a nurse and made the students aware of the profession of nursing. He emphasized on service saying,‘Every nurse iscalled to loveand serve.It goeshand in hand. Withoutlove no one can serve other’. After homily the first year students of GNM prayedto Florence Nightingale and took oath by holding lamp in their hands. Through this, they swore to do their profession with full dedication and loyalty.

Sr. Jharna Wary, DSA

Sr. Anne’s Nursing School, Ulhatu