The Congregation of The Daughters of St. Anne, Ranchi

Duration Date/Year Achievement Superior General General Councilors Curia
September 2008 - September 2014 15/09/2011

First Mid Term Assembly ( 1st September – 10th September 2011) of The Congregation of the Daughters of St. Anne, Ranchi.

Rev. Sr. Linda Mary Vaughan, DSA Rev. Sr. Lily Grace Topno, DSA, 1st General Councillor, Rev. Sr. Sosan Bara, DSA 2nd General Councillor, Rev. Sr. Clara Tirkey, DSA, 3rd General Councillor, Rev. Sr. Jacinta Kerketta, DSA, 4th General Rev. Sr. Shivani Ekka, DSA, Secretary General, Rev. Sr. Tarcilla Topno, DSA, Treasuerer General
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    The Spirituality of St. Anne

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